About me

About me

My name is Jérôme Bretheau, I am born on 10/28/1993 (that makes me 21), in the city of Limoges, France.

I love video games, bad movies and all sorts of creation : drawing, painting, sewing, smithing, 3D modeling, Game design, etc. I enjoy reading many webcomics such as Homestuck, Gunnerkrigg Court or Prague Race.

My personality archetype is the dork : I always make horrible puns and jokes, laugh a lot and can cheer people up or motivate a group.
My favorite motto is “Do or do not, there is no try”: I am really self-confident and will enthusiastically accept being challenged on my skills.

Oh, also, my nickname is Callmemonamiral, because this way people are forced to call me “mon amiral” (my admiral). It’s important.


I am currently studying Game design and Management at Supinfogame RUBIKA, and should get my diploma during summer 2015.

Before that I took one year to get a Licence Professionnelle Administrateur de Réseaux et Bases de Données (Database and Networks administrator degree) in 2013.

I graduated a DUT Informatique (2-year degree in Computer science) in 2012.

Although I am currently studying Game Design, my goal is to work as a Gameplay programmer. I chose to study this because I really want to be polyvalent: understanding other members of the team, and finding the best solution to each problem is important.
Also, it helps to work on a lot of personal projects.

Professional experiences

I worked on the project Mon Petit Lion during 3 months at 3D Duo, as a game programmer.
During this internship I have been able to see every step of making a game in a professional context, since the game has been fully developed by my team, and will be available on the AppStore shortly.

I am also experienced in Web development : I’ve been web developer for Celsius Media (Sydney, Australia) during 3 months in 2012 and for Reactivpub (Limoges, France) during 4 months in 2013.

My Curriculum vitae is available here (French) and here (English).

For more information, contact me!