Mega skater boulzor turbo Deluxe

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Project overview

Mega Skater Boulzor Turbo Deluxe is the very first SAUSAGE EXTREME SKATEBOARDING GAME.

I made it alone (including graphics, excluding musics) in less than 40 hours as a form of personal jam, something I enjoy doing on a regular basis.

Even with such a short timespan to develop the game completely, I am fairly proud of the result, as it has been acclaimed by those who played it, and re-posted on many web games sites.

On the right is a Let’s Play made by a young Spanish gamer, whose I don’t really understand.

The game is really difficult, and the physics I set up in it are really faulty on purpose. It makes the player fail much more often than expected, and frustrates him.

What was unexpected was that it made the game funnier!

Including uploading the game on Newgrounds, it took me less than 40 hours to create MSBTD.

That’s the kind of project I feel the best with, because I don’t invest a lot in it, and get much more as a result.

On Newgrounds, my game received an average note of 3.4 points out of 5.

It has, however, been reposted on many websites such as gamezhero which awarded it a nice 8/10.

MBTSD is free, and can be played online here, or downloaded here.

You can also find it on other websites, with very funny typos or descriptions.