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Project overview

Operative is a school project I worked on during my 4th year at Supinfogame, on one week.

The instructions were to make a puzzle game based on another project of the school. The project we had to work on was Handle.
In Handle, people don’t see the world through their eyes, but rather through a network of cameras.

This way, it changes their way of doing everything, and offers a wide range of new gameplay.

The time restrictions and the genre made this project really interesting to work on.

Operative is based on cameras. It means there will be a lot, up to 8 at a time.

This can be pretty difficult to run on some systems, but we managed to make it work with up to 60 FPS on a normal computer.

We received the instructions on tuesday, and the prototype had to be finished before friday evening.

It required a really tight work schedule, which prepared us for the last year of Supinfogame.

The Operative team was supposed to work on another project, Twin Fates, a few months later.

This project prepared us for this task, creating a nice dynamic in the team.

Operative is free, and can be downloaded here.

It is available for windows only, but a Linux build can be done on demand.