Various personal projects

Smaller projects
Super Mega Reverse Mermaid Adventure

Type: Dumb games series.
Development time: 1 day each.

This game series (ongoing) is about a reverse mermaid who has to defend her home planet, recover her family, and much more.
They were the precursors in the dumb games category, followed by Mega Skater Boulzor Turbo Deluxe.

You can play the first episode here, and the second episode here.

Tiny knights brawler

Type: Combat party game.
Development time: 1 month.

Tiny Knights Brawler is a fighting party game project based on “I grab this, I throw that, I kick your butt”.
It really revolves around messing with other player’s abilities (stealing their weapon, for example), and making a mess out of any situation.

The last build can be played here.

Gnome & chainsaws 4eva

Type: Diablo-like.
Development time: 3 weeks.

A project I had to do for a school exam, whose rules were “Make a diablo-like game”.
Naturally I chose the nonsense, with a garden gnome and his dual chainsaws against hallucinations.

It was nice experimenting with AIs and Unity’s pathfinding system, and I really liked the main menu I made for the game.

Mole supervisor

Type: Gestion, Ludum Dare entry.
Development time: 48 hours.

My entry for a Ludum Dare jam whose theme was “Beneath the surface”.
It is about a mole who has to oversee a group of dwarf miners, who dig for gold.

I made everything of the game in solo in under 48 hours, and received pretty nice ratings for the jam (including 3.8/5 for graphics!).

Play it in web browser here or download the standalone Windows version here.

Super Meru-meru Lightroad Deluxe

Type: Racing, Ludum Dare entry.
Development time: 72 hours.

Me and Cécile Jaubert’s entry for a Ludum Dare jam whose theme was “Linked worlds”.
It is a go-kart racing game, in which characters from different universes fight for glory in dangerous and awesome go-kart races.
The splash screen is awesome, and the gameplay is, well, a 2-person jam game’s.

Play it online here or download the standalone Windows version here.

Au boulot Matelot!

Type: Tablet game for children
Development time: 4 days.

A tablet game we had to make for an exercise at Supinfogame.
We chose to use the gyroscopic features, which are often forgotten in tablet games.
Here, you are a pirate captain who has to “collect” his crewmates, with a nice Katamari Damacy gameplay, using the tablet’s gyroscope.

It has been realized with a team of 6 students in 4 days.